Drafting and negotiating contracts in Austin or anywhere else in Texas can create challenges. You need both a granular understanding of your industry-specific needs and a solid perspective on what makes contracts work—and sometimes fail. The team at the Posey Law Firm, P.C., can help your company succeed with contract development, negotiation, and enforcement.

Contract law can be confusing. Far too many business contracts in Austin are written in language that is close to unintelligible. Contracts need to be clear, concise, well written and enforceable. Whether you're building a new company from scratch, or you're trying to get a handle on what your mature company needs, you depend on high-quality contracts to serve and protect your business.

Beginning with the Purpose and Establishing Your Principles

Great contracts are grounded in purpose and values. Before you can effectively engage with a supplier, vendor, employer, partner, or other outside entity, you need to understand why you need that person or entity. What competencies will you add because of this relationship? What advantages will you enjoy? Unless you really understand your criteria, you may have difficulty drafting a concise and appropriate agreement.

You also need to think through the principles you want to govern the agreement. What time frames do you need? What budget do you need to make the relationship work? What “stuff” will you refuse to tolerate? What leeway will you allow? By thinking through the purpose and principles of your contracts in advance, you can far more effectively and efficiently negotiate positive terms, since you will have a clear understanding of your own needs, and you will be able to communicate those needs to your negotiating partner.

We see our job as both dealing with “nitty-gritty”—making sure every proverbial "i" is dotted and "T" is crossed—and acting as a guardian for our clients. We want to help you feel comfortable with all of your business agreements. This way, you can essentially put the “legal stuff” out of your mind and focus on the crucial work you need to do (and, frankly, love to do), without getting distracted by the nagging sense that your commitments are inaccurate, difficult to enforce, or ambiguous.

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