You are struggling to collect unpaid invoices, and you're debating whether to use a collection agency. The issue is obviously subtle and complicated; every business has different needs, values, budgets, and timeframes. But there are multiple reasons why you should consider working with our experienced team.

Consider the following line of reasoning: Some collection agencies are very good at what they do. But these companies are ultimately limited—they can’t give you a full spectrum solution.

The team here at The Posey Law Firm, on the other hand, can help you manage delinquent accounts from the moment you place a claim to wrapping things up after judgment and recovery. When it comes to delinquent accounts and the recovery of unpaid invoices there are often “many roads to Rome.” Our lawyers are thoroughly versed in how to use these different tactics. While collection agencies can get the job done, attorneys are often better and—believe it or not—cheaper than agencies.

Our team can act fast. Obviously, cash flow is the lifeblood of your business, and you need to resolve your debt situation as quickly as possible. We are fast but thorough. We will help you recover your claim from the delinquent vendor, contractor, partner, or other party, using a variety of tools. We can identifying assets they might be hiding, repossess assets, garnish wages, and even engaging in litigation, if need be, to get you results.

Here are other reasons why we're a better choice to help you address your unpaid invoices:

  • We can assist with other business legal needs. Often, an unpaid debt is a systems problem. In other words, while the unpaid invoice is obviously a huge burden to you, the delinquency reflects a greater problem in your business model or structure. For instance, you may need to renegotiate a contract with a vendor or recalibrate your entire accounting process. A collection agency can’t really help that; we can.
  • We can deal with litigation. Ideally, you don't want to have to go to court or waste a lot of time, energy, and passion to ensure payment of your bills. But if you do wind up having to go through a protracted legal process, you want a good team on your side. We can answer questions, keep you in the loop, prevent you from getting stressed, and help you concentrate on running your business instead of stressing about the “legal drama” surrounding your unpaid invoices.
  • Law firms can be more intimidating to debtors. If you are trying to resolve unpaid invoices from a client, vendor, or supplier, you’d like to maximize your negotiating influence. Our team has the capabilities and track record to deal with litigation and subject delinquents to substantial legal pressure. This extra influence—or threat of legal action—often compels delinquents to stop resisting and just settle with you fairly.