Whether you're an oil entrepreneur or an e-commerce maven, you need to make your Austin business entity choice effectively. The experienced team here at the Posey Law Firm, PC, can help you navigate the complicated processes of picking the right business structure for your needs. We will help you throughout the creation and start up process. Potential structures you might want consider will include:

  • LLC. Starting and operating a limited liability corporation involves multiple components. We can help you determine whether a name is available, file the appropriate Texas articles of incorporation, and develop legal agreements to make sure that you operate effectively. We can also help you draft or revise buy/sell agreements.
  • S corporation. Named for subchapter S of the Internal Revenue Code, this common corporate structure may—or may not—be a better choice than LLC, depending on your needs and potential liabilities. We can help draft your bylaws and agreements, register your company, draft your business’ resolutions, and handle other aspects of the S corporation formation and execution process, so you can concentrate on the work of your business instead of its structure.
  • Partnerships and other entities. Depending on your line of work, you may want to enter into limited partnerships, joint ventures, or other, more complex agreements. You also may want to change your corporate structure, as your business evolves and expands. No matter where you are in the process, our team can help you create the best structure.

Choosing Your Business Entity Wisely

Inexperienced Austin business owners often believe that they can plan everything out to the nth degree. And they worry that, if they choose the “wrong” structure, they will wind up at a permanent disadvantage. While it can be hugely helpful to pick the right structure at the beginning, developing a business requires feedback and reformulation of your plan in perpetuity. You also must contend with permanent uncertainty. No Austin company—no matter how big, how celebrated, or how cash-rich—exists in a static environment. So the right business entity choice today might be the wrong one for your company months or years down the line, as it expands, diversifies, acquires other companies, etc.

That being said, once you do commit to a structure, you need to follow the rules accurately to avoid penalties, tax problems, legal issues, and distraction from mission-critical business tasks. The lawyers at the Posey Law Firm work with you and your team to set up the right corporate structure. We can also advise you along your journey, so that you feel completely in control with respect to your company’s structure and corporate obligations. After all, you built a business not to get bogged down in legal and corporate minutiae but rather to provide valuable services, flex your natural strengths, and tackle ambitious projects and goals.

By partnering with us, you can liberate yourself from worries about structure and minutiae and focus instead on your grand plans and other crucial aspects of growing your business. Contact our Austin office at (512) 646-0828 today to begin the process.