The attorneys at the Posey Law Firm, P.C. can help you in crafting the right strategy for business succession planning in Austin. Our powerful, tested approach can ensure that you can meet the challenges posed by retirement and/or the sale of your business.

Choosing the most appropriate corporate transition strategy for your company can be a difficult and fraught activity. Our legal team will work with you, no matter where you are in the succession process, to help you retire at your peak or sell your company for a maximum return. A good succession strategy will also help to circumvent or at least reduce the challenges you face.

Whether you’re just exhausted from the day-to-day operations, frustrated by a feud with partners, or panicked because the owner of your company has become disabled or has died, the team at the Posey Law Firm has the know-how and resources to game out various scenarios to ensure an easy, stress-free, and profitable transition.

Finding the Right Buy/Sell Provisions and Agreement You Need to Win

The structures, documents, and systems that you create can either make the succession planning easy or create kinks and complications. Our team can help you design the most appropriate buy/sell provisions, partnership and shareholders’ agreements, and operating agreements to help you anticipate both problems and opportunities and position you for best results.

Even the most well established businesses operate in a realm of permanent uncertainty. You may have done an effective SWOT analysis, only to be blindsided by a small competitor who has learned to use disruptive innovation to devastating effect. We can help you game out strategies to make these uncertainties less damaging and create and revise agreements to prepare the company for whatever might come.

Make More Informed and Judicious Business Decisions

We help clients by partnering with them, advising them on various legal and corporate matters, and connecting them with outside resources, such as insurers, accountants, and other highly qualified vendors and partners, so they can achieve their legacy vision.

Our Austin general business counsel services have been trusted by a wide variety of companies. Whether you are helming a large Texas business firm that your great-grandfather started over 100 years ago, and you want to ensure that the values that he built remain enshrined after you leave; or you need help with other aspects of business or corporate planning, connect with the Posey Law Firm now to get the assistance you need. Reach out to our Austin office at (512) 646-0828 to begin the planning for a seamless transition.