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General Civil Law Services: Gain Clarity. Gain Certainty. Gain an Edge.

The specter—or reality—of civil disputes threatens to derail your business and potentially put your own private assets at risk. You have a lot at stake, and you want a capable, experienced, proven legal team to guide you through the straits and minimize the expenses, frustrations, and long-term effects of the litigation.

Effectively Dealing with Uncertainty: Making Sure “The Show Goes On”

Building a business or a nonprofit is complicated enough work, even without legal drama distracting you. The mere threat of lawsuits can cost your company money, drain your morale, throw your already complicated schedule out of whack, and steal attention from more important tasks. Worse, the threat of litigation can also lead you to make non-strategic decisions that can quickly make the whole mess a lot worse.

That said, the path to success is not always direct. If a lawsuit—or even the threat of a lawsuit—has disrupted your plans, challenged your strategic vision, or given you and your team unnecessary anxiety, the team at the Posey Law Firm can help. We can show you what you are up against and develop a sound plan for taming the chaos. Litigation can be costly and lengthy. But there are strategies and tactics and processes you can use to make any lawsuit less painful.

Even when you cannot avoid litigation, you can make smarter and more active decisions with the right legal team on your side. Whether an ex-employee has sued you over a contract, and ex-partner or vendor wants to litigate over a service agreement, or you face a government lawsuit, the Posey Law Firm can help you and your company defend yourselves aggressively and thoroughly. If you are located abroad or out of state, and you need local Texas general civil counsel, our team can also meet your needs and powerfully represent your interests.

Managing Civil Disputes: Part Art, Part Science

If you’ve never been through litigation before, the thought of having to wrangle with complex legal decisions and rules can be more than a little disconcerting. After all, you are trying to run and grow a business—as well as trying to lead your life and perhaps raise a family. You already have too much on your plate as it is.

The experienced lawyers at the Posey Law Firm, P.C., can help you avoid getting swept up in the complexity and drama and stay focused on managing your life and staying on top of the business that you love to do. We will keep you informed and answer your questions as you go through the process.

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