Human resource planning in Austin or anywhere else in Texas can get complicated, in that you need to address the needs of multiple stakeholders. On the one hand, you want to set up systems and processes to make sure that employees are treated fairly and legally. On the other hand, you don’t want to “overstructure” your business or overcomplicate the jobs of your HR professionals.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the happiest workplaces are often the most tautly structured ones. You need the appropriate policies, procedures, and documents in place to ensure that your employees can run things on your behalf, speak their minds, innovate, and work towards your vision. To minimize risk for litigation, boost morale, and stay one step ahead of any problems, you need effective, enforceable, and clearly understandable human resource policies. Our human resources counsel team can help you develop and execute HR policies and resources, such as:

  • Customized company handbooks for employees;
  • Training and policies to prevent harassment and discrimination;
  • Legally sound hiring and firing policies;
  • Agreements such as severance, non-competition, confidentiality, etc., that are clear, coherent, and complete;
  • Policies that govern the use of company equipment;
  • Policies that govern how employees and supervisors communicate with another.

Great policies are meaningless unless they are well understood and well enforced

You may have the most beautiful, streamlined human resources system in the world. But if that system is sitting up on a shelf somewhere, and if your employees don’t understand what your policies are—or, perhaps more importantly, why specific rules exist—then your organization could stagnate. You could find employee morale foundering and your risk of litigation increasing, in spite of all of your good planning.

You need to implement your HR policies on the level of detail – your company needs to live them. This often means getting “down in the dirt.” It means understanding and anticipating what might go wrong, determining what’s working and what's not, and leveraging feedback to build better systems. You need to create a culture of never-ending improvement.

Our team can give you the day-to-day counseling you need to advertise for employees, hire people, and terminate people when things don’t work out. We provide counsel for when you want to review your employees’ histories and document complaints. We also are schooled in multiple methods of minimizing liability and helping companies terminate employees in a compassionate yet efficient way, so you reduce your lawsuit liability as much as possible.

When the right HR processes are set up, magic happens

The great business thinker, Jim Collins, once observed that the best businesses are those that ensure that the right people “get on the bus” and the wrong people “get off the bus.” In other words, the quality of the people in your organization will have a substantial impact on your capacity to succeed in a competitive marketplace. The quest to grow or nurture that competitive edge is a complicated—and potentially legally entangling— quest.

By planning effectively, customizing your HR needs, and anticipating potential problems before they actually become problems, you can sidestep employee drama and inspire loyalty and passion. The Posey Law Firm, P.C., can help you establish the basic rules, handbooks, policies, and agreements to protect employee morale and shield your own personal assets from litigation. You will create an exciting structure that will allow people to thrive, work towards shared objectives, and solve any issues that crop up.
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