If you are anentrepreneur or own a small business, you may not be able to realistically afford to take on your own in-house counsel. Sadly, that doesn't mean that you won't have pressing legal needs that have to be addressed if you want your business to succeed. You may be hesitant to hire outside general counsel in Texas because you're never really sure what you might get, butyou know that it is absolutely crucial that you seek the sound advice that will allow you to make smart legal decisions. Attorney Jake Posey is here to calm those fears and offer solutions.

When you hire a Texas general counsel attorney like Jake Posey, you are investing in a trusted advisor who will have a lasting impact on your small business. The Posey Law Firm can provide focused and efficient service that is completely tailored to your needs and the long-term vision of your company, so that you can move ahead with confidence. 

Small Problems Can Have a Big Impact on Small Businesses
The best Texas small-business lawyers understand that a small business has unique needs. As problems arise, you may need to take careful action, and the impact of those decisions is usually far greater than a large corporation might experience. Whether you are a family business that has operated for years or a rapidly growing new company, the Posey Law Firm will listen carefully and help you formulate a plan that is right for you. 

An Austin general counsel lawyer can help with all of your business and problem-solving needs, including identifying the legal issues you face, addressing those issues, and monitoring the solution into the future. The Posey Law Firm aims to be available not only now, but also to build a relationship with your company in the future. Attorney Jake Posey wants be the person you feel confident in calling when concerns arise.
If you need Austin general counsel services for your small business, schedule a free meeting with the Posey Law Firm to discuss your needs and concerns. Give Attorney Jake Posey a call today at (NUMBER), and let him start helping you make the smart legal decisions that will guide your business to a prosperous future.