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Five Questions to Ask a Potential Texas Lobbying Firm

Hiring a lobbyist comes with a unique set of issues that you won’t find when finding other types of help for your company or organization. For example, it can be difficult for you to determine the return on investment (ROI) of hiring a lobbyist—analyzing exactly how a lobbyist will benefit your cause. However, picking the right lobbyist for you is vital to accomplishing the goals you have set and getting your voice heard across Texas. Here are five questions to ask before hiring a firm to help you:

  1. Do I need a lobbyist to solve my problem? A good lobbyist will explain to you exactly how his or her services can help your cause and solve your problem, outlining details and strategies. A good lobbyist will also tell you if there may be alternate routes or solutions that do not involve their services. 
  2. Who exactly will be handling my account? Be sure to speak with the person who will ultimately handle your account, whether it will be a seasoned partner or a less experienced associate. While either option may be a fit for you, it is always preferable to make sure you can work well with this person—and that the compensation matches the services you receive. 
  3. What experience do you have within my industry? You might be speaking with a great lobbying firm or a great lobbyist, but they might not have the specific experience or connections that you require. If your lobbyist has done great work with healthcare and education, but you are an oil and gas company, you may wish to look elsewhere. 
  4. What are your strengths in comparison with other firms? Listen closely when your lobbyist answers this question. What separates their work from others in the area? What can they provide to you that others cannot? 
  5. What are your fees? While a lobbying firm may have difficulty giving you exact numbers when it comes to cost and return on investment, they can certainly explain how billing will work and give you a general estimate regarding cost. If they can’t, be wary. 

Are you looking for a Texas lobbying firm or Texas government relations services? Talk to Posey Law Firm today, and learn about how we can help you and your cause. For more information, contact us at 888-269-1962 to get started. 

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