By providing a product or service to someone, you expect to be paid for such goods or services; however, when someone fails to pay your company what you deserve, you may be forced into debt collection actions in order to get the money that is rightfully yours. One such step in collecting a debt is the act of writing a collection demand letter.

If you are left to deal with in-house collections but aren’t sure where to start or what to do after you have placed multiple calls to the client, vendor, contractor, or other company, you should send a demand letter to the debtor, indicating the amount that is past due. A demand letter should include language referencing past communication attempts and the amount that is due. The letter should not directly threaten the individual or company; however, it is okay to reference that harsher action will take place if they continue to ignore the past-due bill.

If you have tried calling multiple times and writing a demand letter to no avail, it may be time for you to turn your debt collection efforts over to a skilled Austin business attorney for help collecting a debt that is owed to you. 

Reasons Why a Collection Law Firm Should Draft Your Demand Letter for Past-due Debt

While you can write and send your own collection demand letter to the non-paying party, letters that come from an attorney generally have these advantages:

  • Carry more weight (intimidate the debtor into thinking legal action is being taken)
  • Show the debtor that you are serious about collecting the past due debt
  • Drafted appropriately to take advantage of the laws
  • May start the clock for charging interest on past due debt
  • Meets legal requirements prior to litigation

When your debt recovery attempts fail, call attorney Jake Posey to draft your aggressive collection demand letter to obtain the money that you are owed, or to pursue litigation. You have nothing to lose at this stage of the game and everything to gain. Find out more about debt collection services in Texas by calling the Posey Law Firm and speak with an aggressive and thorough Austin debt collection lawyer at 888-269-1962 or locally at 512-646-0828 to learn more today.