Trade secrets are important to protect, as they are the company’s private information that gives that business an advantage over another similar company. It may be a secret ingredient, the manufacturing process, sales methods, or even client lists that could be a company’s confidential information that they don’t want to get out.

Our Texas business attorneys understand why you want to protect your trade secrets and why you don’t want your confidential information to get into the hands of another competitive business. Here are some ways to go about protecting your vital business secrets:

  • Have your employees sign non-compete and confidentiality agreements
  • Have vendors sign non-disclosure contracts
  • Don’t go into business with a competitor
  • If you partner with another company, avoid data sharing
  • Raise awareness about trade secrets residing with your company
  • Have periodic meetings reminding employees about your confidentiality policy

If another company gains access to your private information and trade secrets, it could cause your business to lose its edge, dominance, and even market share, as another company may take some of your business.

To ensure that your employees are not sharing your confidential information, your employment contracts, employment policies, and business agreements should be reviewed to confirm that your wording is correct and will prevent the theft of your trade secrets from occurring.

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