When you receive an EEOC charge, you may be tempted to give a short response to the erroneous allegation of discrimination. Instead of doing this, you need to take the process seriously. It is best to gather documents and evidence in order to provide a detailed response surrounding the employment matter. Make sure you tell the truth by providing a comprehensive account of what happened and why it led to the steps that were taken. You can include any documents that support your company’s side of the story, which may help discredit the allegation.

Telling the agency your version of the events and why the employee’s performance was of concern may help you. Also, if there was another employee let go for a similar reason, you can show the agency that specific case. For example, if you are being questioned for discrimination against women, you can point to a similar termination where the same actions were taken against a male employee.

It is important that you cooperate fully with the agency and that you are prompt in your response. It is also critical that you work with experienced legal counsel in Austin to make sure you are protecting your company’s interest. An attorney skilled in labor and employment issues in Texas can ensure your response to an allegation is well drafted and defends you against the allegation. For help with your EEOC complaint, call the Posey Law Firm toll free at 888-269-1962 or locally at 512-646-0828 to schedule a consultation.