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Can we use mediation to resolve our Texas business dispute?



Yes, mediation is a great option for business dispute resolution. However, mediation isn’t right for all organizations or for all types of disputes. 

Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party guides you and the person you are in conflict with through a series of conversations and discussions regarding your legal issue. Through open communication and possibly compromise, the two parties reach a legally binding solution. The solution is dictated solely by the two parties and not by the mediator or a judge. Mediation allows businesses to avoid high legal fees and lengthy public court cases. 

Mediation might be a good choice for your case resolution if both you and the other party are willing to sit down and talk openly about the issue—and work toward a settlement or solution. Mediation might also be a good choice if you and the other party wish to settle the matter as quickly, inexpensively, and privately as possible. 

However, mediation might not be the best choice if you would rather a judge make the decision on the case, if the other party is belligerent or unmoving, or if you do not wish to compromise. 

Before you consider mediation for your business dispute, speak to an Austin business lawyer so that you understand your legal options, as well as your rights. At Posey Law Firm, we can help you navigate your business dispute whether you decide to try mediation or whether you need to take your case to court. Call us today to learn more: 888-269-1962. 

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