A collection demand letter is something that any Texas business owner or individual can write in an effort of collecting a past due debt; however, attorneys skilled in drafting collect debt letters can help you by knowing exactly what language to use and what should be included in the letter. When you get an attorney involved, he can advise you on what your rights are regarding debt collections, draft the demand letter on the law firm’s letterhead, and make the debtor aware of your intentions to sue if the debt is not repaid by a certain date.

While you can write a demand letter, it is best to have a lawyer knowledgeable in these types of disputes step in to set the right tone. When a person or company has no intention of paying the overdue debt, an attorney can send a legal demand letter that sets a professional but firm tone. Often, debtors are intimidated that an attorney is involved, or they are scared to go to court, so they pay up. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, debtors still do not pay after receiving a legal demand letter. In that case, your attorney can file a claim and represent you in court. 

If you are going to write your own demand letter, read our blog, “What Should Be in or Taken Out of an Austin Collection Demand Letter?,” and make sure you send two letters approximately 30 days apart. If you still don’t have success, you should consider speaking with an Austin debt collection lawyer to find out your Texas debt collection options. Call the Posey Law Firm toll-free at 888-269-1962 or locally at 512-646-0828 for help today.