You should be entitled to appeal a judgment that you are unhappy with. However, you only have a certain window of time to request a motion for a new trial or file a notice of appeal, which is usually 30 days. Because of strict time limits and other legalities, it is important to have an experienced Texas civil litigation lawyer on your side to handle your appeal.

Your lawyer will need to look through the court transcript to determine if there were any mistakes or errors that occurred, such as evidence improperly admitted or excluded or objections that were improperly overruled or sustained. If a mistake is found, it is undoubtedly grounds for appealing the decision. Your lawyer will draft an appeal and submit it to the court, identifying errors in the court record. The appellate court will review the trial court’s decision and confirm the decision the lower court already made, reverse and overturn the decision, or send it back to the trial judge for more proceedings. 

Whether your lawsuit involves business disputes, employment matters, partnership disputes, contract claims, or commercial claims, our business attorneys are skilled in handling a range of civil litigation issues in Texas before trial courts and appellate courts. For assistance with your case, we encourage you to call us at the Posey Law Firm. Our Austin civil litigation attorneys may be able to help you with your civil litigation issues today toll free at 888-269-1962 or locally at 512-646-0828 to schedule a consultation.