This week, we discussed the challenge of finding the right lobbying firm for your business or cause—and what questions you should ask during an informational interview that can help you determine which firm or lobbyist is right for you and your needs. Below, find three more questions that will help elucidate your quest for the right government relations services:

  1. What kind of relationship do you have with your clients? Some lobbyists may want minimal contact with you and your business, while another lobbyist may wish you to attend meetings, contribute advice, and share information. When asking this question, think about how involved you’d like to be with the lobbying firm and what kind of relationship you would be most comfortable with. 
  2. How do you handle lobbying regulations and compliance issues? Today, lobbyists in Texas are required to follow a number of complex laws and regulations—and it is increasingly important for lobbyists to understand and follow the law. Ask if your lobbyist or lobbying firm has in-house counsel and how they handle (or avoid) legal issues when they arise. 
  3. Do you have a party affiliation? If your lobbyist or lobbying firm is known for being affiliated with Democrats or Republicans (or with their causes), it is vital to know. Your issue might require a lobbyist that has specific connections, or you may wish to secure a bipartisan lobbyist. 

At Posey Law Firm, we are committed to helping our diverse range of clients solve problems and improve their businesses. To learn how our Texas lobbying firm may be able to assist you, call us today: 888.269.1962. Whether you are facing a regulatory problem, a legislative issue or another government-related challenge, we are here to provide practical, creative, and working strategies. 

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