If you are dealing with a Texas business dispute, you may find yourself choosing between mediation or bringing your case to court. Mediation could be a better option, depending on the details of your dispute and upon the wishes of the other party. Here are six big benefits of choosing mediation: 

  • Mediation is often less expensive. Although mediation comes with a number of fees, in most cases, mediation is less costly than litigation. This is especially true if you and the other party both wish to settle the dispute amicably. 
  • Mediation is often faster. If both parties are willing to work toward a conclusion and possibly compromise, mediation can take as little as one or two days. Court cases often take longer and require significantly more preparation. 
  • Mediation gives you control over the outcome. In court, a judge has the final binding ruling. In mediation, a binding decision isn’t made until both parties agree. You will never be “stuck” with a decision in mediation. 
  • Any business issue can be mediated. In some cases, for one reason or another, your business dispute may not be appropriate for the courtroom. However, even small business disputes can be handled by a mediator if both parties agree to it. 
  • You can stop the mediation process at any time. If you ever feel like ending the mediation process and taking the case to court, you can do so at any time. Of course, so can the other party. 
  • Mediation is more private. A courtroom drama may result in public coverage of the event. In addition, private information about your business could see the light. In mediation, your case will be handled quietly and details of the case can be kept confidential. 

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