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Texas Special Session

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On Tuesday, the 6th of June, Texas Governor Greg Abbot summoned the members of the Texas legislature back for a special session in mid-July. The special session will dig into the pressing issues that appear in an item agenda drafted by the Governor himself.  Governor Greg Abbot's decision stems from the fact that the lawmakers failed to approve “must pass" legislation during the 140 days regular session that adjourned on Memorial.


In an exclusive press release, the Governor commented that he moved to call a special session as the legislature had failed to pass a simple law that would prevent the jeopardy of several important government agencies, significantly the medical profession. The Governor dubbed this issue as, “unfinished business" that required fair review and deliberations.


Among the issues the lawmakers will tackle within Governor Abbot's item agenda is the "bathroom bill." The bill provides the statutes that define access to public facilities, especially that of transgender persons. The bill dictates that transgender individuals should use public services depending on their biological gender, not the gender they identify with. This bill has many times surfaced during Texan legislative activities. 


State Representative, Jonathan Strickland tweeted that he intends to defile the “constitutional carry" bill that provides to allow all Texans to carry firearms with or without permits. This is in addition to the item agenda. 


Special sessions last no more than 30 days per session according to law. Jake Posey, managing shareholder and attorney with The Posey Law Firm PC, explained that lawmakers can start pre-filing bills 30 days before commencement of the 30-day special session. Texas legislature has their hands full this mid-July with the Governor demanding legislation that incorporates the fundamental rights of all Texan individuals. For more Texas news, contact us.

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