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Small Business Services - Writing Contracts

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Small businesses owners have to be nimble, responsive and aware of all of the legal issues as they operate their firms. With seemingly infinite government regulations, companies must be prepared to turn on a dime and abide by rules that are new or that they were previously unaware of. At the same time, everyday transactions required writing contracts and abiding by legally enforceable promises. For that reason, it is crucial to have a good attorney that can help with running the firm.


For example, businesses constantly write contracts with vendors and clients. Violations of these terms lead to litigation or arbitration. During those legal cases, the contracts will be examined line by line to determine who should win the case. A good lawyer will be able to find the stipulation that allows their client to win. Similarly, an expert attorney will write an ironclad contract in the first place that does not allow any loop holes.


Imagine a food distribution firm that delivers perishable fruits and vegetables during the hot summer months. Even under the best conditions, many of these are likely to go bad and be charged off by the grocery store or end buyer. However, the remedy for these charge-offs might be quite complex and require a serious legal challenge. An excellent small business attorney can write a contract that will protect the distribution firm from the foreseeable and inevitable spoiling of some percentage of the food. That may end up saving the firm a tremendous amount of money and keep it afloat over the long-term.


Jake Posey, managing shareholder of The Posey Law Firm is a leading boutique law firm solving small business and government issues in Texas. The firm has helped a number of companies navigate legal rules and help influence the state government's interpretation of rules. For more information, please contact us.

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