Managing employees or even supervisors is not simple. One labor and employment problem can push your business into litigation. In order to lower your litigation risk and help keep your business safe, you will need to reduce potential employment claims. Although mistakes are bound to occur in business, you can avoid some errors by not making one legal mistake: ignoring employee complaints. 

We know that as a business owner you would like nothing more than to run a successful, profitable business; however, employee issues do come up from time to time that can get your company off track. Instead of burying your head in your paperwork and hoping that the problem will go away by ignoring it, you need to promptly deal with labor and employment issues when they arise to protect your company and limit litigation. You can do this through:

  • HR procedures – For example, if a harassment issue is reported, your company must conduct an investigation of the matter. You or your HR manager needs to interview the complainant, witnesses, and alleged perpetrator, gather any evidence, document every step that was taken, evaluate the claim, and make a determination to address the matter. Doing so will help protect your company if a lawsuit is later filed.
  • Legal help – For example, if a discrimination claim is brought to your attention, you need to seek out a skilled Texas business lawyer to make sure your company is in compliance and that you are doing everything you can, like the steps above, to assess and address the complaint.

The Posey Law Firm can help make sure you are doing everything possible to reduce potential risks, and we can fight for your company in any labor and employment matter you may face. Call an experienced Austin business attorney today toll-free at 888-269-1962 or locally at 512-646-0828.

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