Small- to medium sized business owners are adept at making decisions and handling dozens (hundreds?) of unfamiliar situations in the course of a typical day. Some of those decisions, however, carry potentially weighty legal ramifications. What if you could tap a Texas legal expert every couple of days? Would that ease your mind?


Small But Mighty

We often help our clients make legal "course corrections" - small changes in their daily operations that result in tremendous risk reduction. 

Getting answers to your questions - the right answers, from legal experts who are well-versed in Texas business law - when you need them is almost certain to help you can sleep better at night. It can also help you avoid losses, which may mean the difference between having the resources necessary to expand, hire, or build when the market is right. 

Great Idea! Or is it? 

Small business owners are inventive and often surround themselves with other creative, enthusiastic types. This is what fuels business growth! And as our clients' legal counsel, we don't try to be wet blankets, but... it is our responsibility to help them avoid mistakes. 

Issues surrounding employee health care and other benefits programs can be especially sticky. For example, before your company decides to get everyone a step-counter and have a competition for your employees - especially if it's connected to their health care benefits - it's a good idea to check with your attorneys. 

Similarly, updating the language just a bit in a demand letter or making even small changes in your collection process may make them more effective - and reduce your company's accounts receivable balance. But, if those changes conflict at all with any terms of existing contracts, they can cause trouble down the line. 

Having counsel just a phone call away helps alleviate potential problems and avoid costly mistakes.

Better Safe than Sorry

Employing Day-to-Day Corporate Counsel services may sound expensive, but it's actually affordable (and smart) for most small- to medium-sized businesses. It's certainly a sound (and inexpensive) alternative to employing a full-time legal team, and in the case of our firm, you get the benefit of experience in virtually all areas of Texas business law. As some of our clients have said, having the opportunity to tap a local, legal resource just about daily can make the difference between preparation and panic. And unless they're very pleasant, most of our clients agree, they like to avoid legal surprises.

Contact us at 512-646-0828 to get help with your day-to-day legal issues in Austin, and beyond.

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