If you've just started a new business, there's a chance you've heard of FMLA and wonder how it affects your business. This important legal matter is something that you must fully understand, as it can impact you in many different ways.


What Is FMLA?

FMLA stands for the federal Family and Medical Leave Act, which was passed in 1993. This act allows employees to take unpaid leave from their employment position. While other states have certain partial pay for those on FMLA, Texas does not.


In this state, employees can take off 12 weeks during a 12-month period. Every year, this time is renewed, though it does not carry over to the next year. If an employee is taking care of a family member injured in the military, they can take 26 weeks of leave.


How Does This Leave Work?


People who qualify for FMLA include those who have worked at a company at least a year, who worked 1,250 hours during the previous year, and who work at a company that employees at least 50 employees in a 75-mile radius.


They can apply for FMLA leave if they are suffering from a serious health condition, need to care with a family member who has a serious health condition, need to spend time bonding with a new child, and need time off to care for someone who has been injured in the military.


This Will Affect You


When an employee applies for FMLA, you don't have to pay them. In this way, you don't lose any income. However, their position is protected and you can't replace them until they quit or if they fail to come back at the end of their leave. This can be frustrating for the employer who needs to get work done.


If you need help better understanding your rights as an employer when an employee goes on FMLA leave, Attorney Jake Posey and the team at The Posey Law Firm can help. If your company needs assistance in labor and employment law service solutions then consider speaking with The Posey Law Firm, PC.

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