A purchase or sale should never happen in business without a formal business contract or agreement in writing. Whenever you are purchasing a product or negotiating a sale, sales-related business contracts are a must when it comes to protecting your business and securing both parties' rights and responsibilities. 

Get Help with Your Sales Agreements

The purpose of a sales contract is to document the relationship of a buyer and seller—both sides of the transaction—so that duties, obligations, and benefits are understood and carried out.  Additionally, a sales contract can provide legal remedies in the event one side does not abide by the agreement. If a breach of contract occurs, a sales contract can be used in litigation as recourse. 

Whether you have a privately held business, start-up company, established corporation, not-for-profit entity, or public company, our business attorneys can help ensure your company has the correct business contracts in place. Properly drafted contracts can help with:

  • Planning for your business’ future
  • Defining your business relationships
  • Protecting your interests

People enter into agreements every day, sometimes written and other times oral. In either case, the terms of the contracts need to be properly drafted, reviewed, and negotiated. At the Posey Law Firm, our Austin business attorneys draft and negotiate contracts for all types of businesses—both large and small—to protect a company’s interests. We have extensive experience in drafting sales-related business contracts, employment contracts, and a multitude of other business contracts—and we can help you with your business ventures.

If you have questions about business contracts or your sales contracts, please call a knowledgeable Austin contract lawyer toll-free at 888-269-1962 or locally at 512-646-0828 today.

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